Advance Tech


General Engineering and Maintenance


Advanced Tech LTD offers a wide variety of electrical and maintenance services to meet the diverse needs of our clients and customers. Our ability to provide such a range of high safety and quality services is based on the accumulated experiences, training and technical ability of our staff, which allows us to assist our clients, customers in achieving their desired goal of safety, quality, schedule and cost effectiveness.


We offer a wide range of offshore based services


We offer a wide range of marine based services


We offer a wide range of Industrial based services

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Manufacturing Repairs

Referbishing of Machines, Equipment etc

  • Transformer manufacturing 1, 2 ,3 phases
  • Transformer repairing and rewinding (Control & power )
  • Dehydration of all rating transformers oil
  • Welding plants repairing (transformer type & rotary type
Maintenance & overhauling

Installations & Repairs

  • Industrial and Domestic Generators (Diesel and Gasoline) Preventive & Corrective Services
  • AMC (Annual maintenance Contract) services with and without Spares & Consumables
  • Sales & Services (New & used) local coupling facility available for domestic purposes
  • Installation, Commissioning, Load testing of Generators and Operation
  • Rental Generators for Industry & Domestic 
  • ATS & AMF Panels, new making, installation, commissioning & operation monthly preventive Maintenance.

Electrical Works, Power Distribution etc

  • New distribution panels, Star Delta/DOL Panels, Soft Starter Panels
  • Supplier of ALL Electrical Accessories and Equipment
  • Cable Laying/Dressing, swapping of Cable Termination
  • AMC (Annual maintenance Contract) services provider for Office/Building power maintenance
  • Wiring and Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Earth & grounding system
  • Surge Protection System
  • Imported UPS (mg, Emerson) & Rectifier System Installation
  • UPS Imported & Local for Domestic Usage
  • Solar System for Domestic and Commercial Use  


Electrical Engineering Services

  • Electric Motors Rewinding (LT/HT) Air Rating up to 20MW.
  • DC Motors (Armature,Fields & Inter poles )All rating up to 1MW. 
  • Alternators rewinding (Rotors and Stators) All Rating up to 20MW.
  • AC Variable speed motors 
  • Three & Single Phase Submersible pumps 
  • Slip ring Motors All Rating up to 20MW
  • Crane & Hoist motors
  • Traction motor repairs / rewinds
  • Wire wound stators & Rotors
  • Brake and clutch coils 
  • Overhauling of All Rating and types Motors including monthly quarterly preventive maintenance services
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