Advance Tech


Your #1 choice in electrical, marine, offshore maintenance & general engineering services!


Advance Tech Ltd. has been making its own history over the last five years. Recognized for the competence of its engineering and the quality of its work, the company has thrived in a rapidly changing industrial marketplace.


Our company was established more than five years to provide Motor rewinding, repairing, modifications and overhauling services to users of all brands of C/DC and HV/LV electric motors, slip ring motors, AC variable motors, Transformers, Alternators, Welding plants and multispeed motors, clutches and brakes.


AMC (annual maintenance contract) for diesel/gasoline generators, as well as generator sales and services (new and used) generator’s installation, commissioning, operation and overhauling service to all new gensets including ATS panel making, installation, comissioning and troubleshooting.


Advance Tech Ltd is committed in providing the highest standard in the various industries by providing  Engineering, Marine Industrial, Domestic Electrical and Maintenance services adaptable to the changing needs of our clientele, resulting in an enhances customer experience. 

– We are professional.

-Our work is important to us.

-We are tough minded and strong willed.

-We are enthusiastic.

-We have passion for growth.

-We have high standards; we are committed to high performance.

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